Honoring The Heroes Of Cybersecurity At RSA Conference

You may have noticed that our industry, including our competitors, seems to romanticize cyber threat groups and sometimes make them look like comic book-style heroes. We take a different view. We support the good team, the Bitdefender’s, who are working tirelessly to keep businesses, non-profits, and government organizations secure and cyber resilient.

We want to honor and pay homage to and give those on the good side something fun and a little different to showcase the heroes of cybersecurity. To this end, we have created four unique characters that depict some of the critical roles in cybersecurity:

  • ZAL (on the left) is the Security Engineer, whose extensive knowledge and experience enable them to equip the team with precise tools and weaponry to discover – and – eliminate hackers
  • MIRA (floating above the rest of the team) is the Threat Researcher, brilliantly using their deep and intimate relationship with data and the threat landscape to support the team of cyber security heroes
  • DÁOS (on the right) is the Security Analyst, who uses their precise targeting abilities to investigate leads and eliminate adversaries, traps, tools, and bots – with extreme prejudice!
  • And, HERC (right up front) is the Threat Hunter, a rugged adversary tactics specialist, who uses their expertise in their quarry and environment to find and capture hackers