How Can Our Service Centre Help You? 


Service & Support

From our certified Technicians at the service centre. 

We are one of the Authorized Service Centre in Malta for the following brands Lenovo, Acer, MSI, Razer, APC, Yealink, Belkin, Linksys and ZACO. Our main goal as a service centre is to establish a trustworthy and efficient IT service centre provider that is committed to customer satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of support services that are targeted to the various requirements of households, small businesses, educational institutions, and big organizations. Whatever the issue, we’ll promptly and effectively get you back on track. Whether you bought your equipment from us or somewhere else, our team of highly experienced service professionals is here to help you. They are fully certified to carry out warranty and non-warranty evaluations & repairs.

Our service centre is there to offer an excellent after-sales customer experience. This experience is achieved thanks to a strong relationship with our partners which is built on trust, continuous training on current and upcoming products, service technicians with customer care backgrounds, strong communication with customers, and service partners & within the service centre team, service procedure guidelines & documentation.

What Services Do We Offer?


Our repairs are done by authorized professionals using original parts. Whatever your requirement is, you’ll get your product back to functioning properly.

Onsite Support

We provide a call out service if you require a skilled expert to come to your location to fix an issue with your product.

System Installations

We provide installation services, from large organizations to small business users. From our authorized service center, technicians will commission your new equipment and deliver it to the customer site.

Quick and Efficient service

We realize that sometimes your deadlines make it impossible to be without your computer. To help, we’ve now incorporated a quick and efficient Service , which means you’ll get priority service on all in and out of warranty repairs. The product will be examined within 24 hours and fixed if parts are available.

Carry in Services

If your product is still under warranty, a hardware repair will be free of charge. If the product is no longer under warranty, we will issue an estimate for repair and continue only after receiving your authorization. We will need to inspect the device and identify any faults before offering any repairs. As a result, the product must be left with us until one of our technicians can perform an evaluation.

System Evaluation

Our Service Center will examine your system at your request. Since the service is customer-specified, we shall comply with your request. Disk defragmentation, system rebuilds, and the elimination of outdated data are some examples of this. We’ll use tools to assess the health of the system and for viruses.