What We Do


Newtech is committed to delivering top-notch service and excellent value for your IT hardware investment. We focus on building strong, trust-based business relationships to meet all your technological needs.


At Newtech, we prioritize providing gamers with exceptional service and genuine value for their investment. We aim to strengthen our partnership built on trust, ensuring outstanding gaming performance.


Specializing in customized software licensing solutions, Newtech draws from extensive experience to meet your specific requirements effectively.



Our service center offers comprehensive support for households, businesses, and organizations. Our experienced team provides prompt warranty and non-warranty evaluations and repairs, regardless of where you purchased your equipment.


Newtech excels in delivering innovative technological solutions that significantly improve key aspects of businesses. We prioritize building enduring client relationships based on trust and reliability.


In cybersecurity, our analysts play a crucial role in safeguarding computer networks from cyber threats. We take proactive measures to prevent attacks and respond swiftly to breaches, ensuring the protection of valuable organizational data.

Who Are We 

Newtech is a subsidiary of M. Demajo Group, Malta’s largest privately owned family concerns with an impressive IT division. Newtech distributes IT equipment and software to hundreds of IT resellers and enterprise clients throughout Malta and Gozo. The business appreciates a solid and durable relationship with its clients and partners and strives to offer timely and cost-effective products and solutions. ​ The organization specializes in providing innovative technology solutions that have been shown to improve essential parts of a business.

Get to Know us

Our mission is to encourage innovation, help people succeed through technology. NewTech strives to do this by providing a world leading solutions that can meet all of your IT requirements.

We enable Simple Solutions for Complex Connections. Your Future, our Vision!