Introducing Copilot+ PCs: A New Era in AI Computing

Microsoft, are excited to unveil Copilot+ PCs, a revolutionary category of Windows devices designed to elevate AI computing. Developed in close collaboration with there device partners, Copilot+ PCs promise to redefine user experiences and unlock unprecedented opportunities across the global tech ecosystem.

The Future of AI Computing with Copilot+ PCs

Copilot+ PCs represent the peak of performance and intelligence in the Windows PC landscape. Featuring advanced silicon capable of over 40 trillion operations per second (NPU TOPS), these devices are engineered to efficiently handle AI workloads both at the edge and in the cloud. The recent launch event showcased cutting-edge designs powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus processors, with forthcoming innovations from AMD and Intel generating further excitement.

Partner Opportunities with Copilot+ PCs

The introduction of Copilot+ PCs heralds significant opportunities for the partners worldwide. These devices empower the development of next-generation hardware equipped with onboard AI capabilities, enabling customers to leverage AI software, tools, and experiences with unparalleled efficiency and scale. The partners, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Microsoft Surface, have introduced innovative Copilot+ PC models tailored to meet diverse consumer and enterprise needs.

  • Acer Swift 14 AI: Exclusive Copilot+ PC design with advanced display and AI-enhanced software suite.
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x and ThinkPad T14s Gen 6: High-resolution displays, extended battery life, and Lenovo’s AI Core for optimized performance.
  • Microsoft Surface: Redefining versatility with the fastest and most intelligent Surface devices, integrating AI advancements seamlessly into everyday tasks.

Retail and Channel Partner Support for Copilot+ PCs

The global network of retail and channel partners stands ready to introduce Copilot+ PCs to consumers worldwide. Jason Bonfig from Best Buy underscores the transformative impact of Copilot+ PCs, highlighting their potential to reshape tech innovation and exceed customer expectations.

Solution Provider and CSP Opportunities with Copilot+ PCs

The launch of Copilot+ PCs presents a compelling opportunity for solution providers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) alike. Insight, TD SYNNEX, and Computacenter have expressed enthusiasm for the performance, innovation, and user-centric design of these devices. By combining local AI processing with cloud-based AI capabilities, CSPs can deliver scalable solutions that enhance productivity, agility, and security across diverse industries.

A New Era for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with Copilot+ PCs

With millions of PCs equipped with NPUs, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can innovate and reimagine application experiences. Leveraging edge and cloud AI processing, ISVs can develop hybrid applications that optimize performance and deliver personalized user experiences tailored to modern computing demands.

Join the AI PC Revolution with Copilot+ PCs

Copilot+ PCs epitomize the next frontier in AI computing, offering unparalleled speed, advanced AI models, and mobility features that redefine productivity and innovation. Available from June 18, Copilot+ PCs represent a transformative leap forward in Windows PC technology, empowering partners to drive growth and lead in the evolving AI computing landscape.

Experience the power of Copilot+ PCs and shape the future of AI computing. Visit the Surface Blog for more insights and updates.