Find out what’s new in Acunetix v13


The new release comes with an improved user interface and introduces innovations such as the SmartScan engine, malware detection functionality, comprehensive network scanning, proof-of-exploit, incremental scanning, and more. This release further strengthens the leading position of Acunetix on the web security market.


The 2020 edition of the Acunetix Web Application Vulnerability Report contains a statistical data analysis for web vulnerabilities and network perimeter vulnerabilities.


The full report can be found here:


Acunetix  prepared the report by doing the following:

  • Taking data from Acunetix Online for scans performed between March 2019 and February 2020
  • Randomly and anonymously selecting 5,000 scan targets
  • Focusing on High Severity and Medium Severity vulnerabilities


Our general observations are:

  • The total number of web and network perimeter vulnerabilities is slightly less than last year
  • Relatively new scan targets had more vulnerabilities than others


Acunetix is a global web security leader which is trusted by many fortune 500 companies from the most demanding sectors, and government entities. Globally the company is trusted by the U.S Air Force, NASA, HSBC, American Express, AVG and AWS, amongst many others.

Acunetix is Maltese of origin and was started by Nick Galea, in 2005 becoming the first company to build a fully dedicated and fully automated web vulnerability scanner. Acunetix carries unparalleled experience in the field and the scanner has been recognized as a leading solution multiple times.

It is a fully automated tool that frees up your security team resources. It reports very few false positives so your team does not waste time trying to find nonexistent issues. It can detect vulnerabilities that other technologies would miss because it combines the best of dynamic and static scanning technologies and uses a separate monitoring agent. It provides vulnerability management and compliance reporting functionality. You can classify, prioritize, and retest issues. You can also integrate with issue trackers and continuous integration solutions.