Protect your home with APC. Power shortages? Invest in a UPS.


Over the years, Schneider Electric has come out with durable, long lasting solutions, making them one of the most trusted companies worldwide in the realm of electronics. The German company owns APC, who specialize in products that power and safeguard the critical electronics at home that keep you and your family connected. The UPS allows you to protect your high speed internet connection with 24 /7 network access, ideal for storms and power outages. In case of a storm, APC filters electricity outputs in the event of an electric surge which could be caused by a lightening strike. This in turn prevents damage to all kind of devices from TV’s to consoles.

You are able to protect all of your data, including files stored on the cloud, streaming services and full access to send / receive emails during a power outage. APC solutions are proven to work harder, last longer and provide valuable protection to your home network. APC offer surge protectors, uninterruptible power supplies, that ensure you have optimal up time for your PC and home network. Whether it is for your home, home office and small business / server room and network closet / Data Centre and Facility. We are here to offer you solution.

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