Arguably the best solution on the market, Darktrace can not only detect unknown threats but fight back against them in real time. The autonomous response is the next frontier in cyber defense, giving human security teams the vital time they need to catch up, take stock, and action further remediation if necessary.

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Global ransomware attacks have already demonstrated the scale that such criminal campaigns can achieve, within very short time-frames. New advancements allow attackers to execute more and more highly targeted attacks.

” Darktrace Antigena is the only automated cyber defense technology on the market that is capable of fighting the most important battles for us.”

Darktrace Antigena works like a digital antibody, intelligently generating measured and proportionate responses when a threatening incident arises, without impacting normal business operations. This ability to contain threats as they happen using proven AI is a game changer for security teams, who benefit from the critical time needed to catch up and avoid damage.

Darktrace Antigena works across your business and is offered in two modules: Antigena Network and Antigena Email. Antigena has

  1. Unmatched speed – Responds within 2 seconds.
  2. Unrivaled Defense – 7 threats blocked every minute.
  3. Boosts Productivity – 10 hours a week saved per security analyst.
  • Highly Targeted: Critically, Darktrace Antigena is highly targeted and surgical in it’s actions, neutralizing threats by enforcing an organization’s normal ‘pattern of life’. This means that it does not disrupt day-to-day business activity, instead working behind the scenes to proactively protect your business.
  • Buys Your Team time to Catch Up: Darktrace Antigena’s ability to contain in-progress attacks at an early stage, before they have time to cause damage, keeps the business protected even when security teams are between shifts or out of office. On average, Antigena responds to threats within 2 seconds and blocks 7 threats every minute.
  • A self-Defending Digital Business: Darktrace Antigena is the technology that powers the self-defending digital business, working across IT and OT environments, third party cloud services, SaaS applications and email. Antigena’s autonomous actions save an average of 10 hours a week per security analyst.