Why Darktrace?

Reduces the risk by prioritizing vulnerabilities and hardening systems

Gain instant visibility of previously unknown and unpredictable attacks

Minimize disruption with a targeted, autonomous response to cyber-attacks

Augment and empower security teams with always-on, AI-driven capabilities

The only Comprehensive, Always-on, End-to-End, Cyber Security

Darktrace delivers the first-ever Cyber AI Loop: an interconnected set of cyber security solutions that continuously and autonomously hardens your security.

The Cyber AI Loop comprises four AI-powered product families –Darktrace PREVENTTM, Darktrace DETECTTM, Darktrace RESPONDTM, and Darktrace HEALTM – that work across your entire organization, including internal and external data, simultaneously. With each technology augmenting and feeding information into the others, your cyber resilience is systematically improved.

Each component of the Cyber AI Loop is powered by Self-Learning AI: proprietary Darktrace technology that learns you. By understanding your bespoke organization, your users and devices and how they interact, it can build an evolving sense of what’s normal to identify what’s not. This enables Darktrace to shine a light on previously unknown and unpredictable threats.

AI brought to your data, wherever it resides

Darktrace technology works for organizations of all sizes and can be brought to any environment, from cloud and email systems to endpoints, zero trust technologies, and IT/OT networks. With one-click integrations, the platform can instantly ingest new forms of telemetry, share bespoke AI insights across established workflows, and interoperate with a wide range of technologies.


AI Research Centre – Leading AI Innovation

Darktrace’s research-led solutions are rooted in innovation. The Darktrace AI Research Centre™, with more than 100 patent applications granted or pending, includes teams of mathematicians and other experts investigating how AI can be applied to real-world problems. The center has produced numerous breakthroughs, which now form the AI capabilities comprising our products contained in the Cyber AI Loop.

Darktrace Detect & Respond

Autonomous Response: Disarm Attacks in Seconds

Cyber AI Analyst

Uplift and Augment Your Security Team with AI Investigations

Darktrace Prevent

Hardening Security and Reducing Risk

Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND uses its deep understanding of your organization to tailor actions to individual threats. This means malicious activity is neutralized without affecting normal business operations. This is in contrast to automated solutions that rely on playbooks to respond to attacks, resulting in imprecise, heavy handed actions. Most successful attacks today are novel in some way – meaning configurations will not be in place to defend against them.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst was built to optimize threat investigation by continuously examining every security threat that arises. It illuminates the highest
priority threats at any one time and rapidly synthesizes all of the context around an
attack into a natural language report. The result is that time-to-meaning and
time-to-response are dramatically reduced – allowing your team the time to
use their expertise where it really matters.

Darktrace PREVENT empowers CISOs and security teams to shift from being reactive to proactive, getting ahead of the attacker and stopping attacks before they happen. It enables you to prioritize threats and vulnerabilities, optimize and harden defenses, and reduce the overall cyber risk to your organization.