Why Darktrace?

Reduces the risk by prioritizing vulnerabilities and hardening systems

Gain instant visibility of previously unknown and unpredictable attacks

Minimize disruption with a targeted, autonomous response to cyber-attacks

Augment and empower security teams with always-on, AI-driven capabilities

The only Comprehensive, Always-on, End-to-End, Cyber Security

Continuous Cyber AI Loop

The groundbreaking Darktrace Cyber AI Loop introduces an integrated suite of cybersecurity solutions that continuously fortifies your defenses. This revolutionary system comprises four AI-driven product families – Darktrace PREVENT™, Darktrace DETECT™, Darktrace RESPONDTM, and Darktrace HEAL™ – which collaborate seamlessly across your organization.

By leveraging Self-Learning AI technology, Darktrace tailors its solutions to your specific organization, illuminating and neutralizing previously unseen threats. This article explores how Darktrace’s AI-powered approach revolutionizes cybersecurity, offering unparalleled protection against evolving cyber threats.

Darktrace Detect & Respond

Autonomous Response: Disarm Attacks in Seconds

Cyber AI Analyst

Uplift and Augment Your Security Team with AI Investigations

Darktrace Prevent

Hardening Security and Reducing Risk

Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND leverages deep organizational understanding to tailor responses to specific threats, neutralizing malicious activity without disrupting normal business operations. This approach contrasts with automated solutions reliant on predefined playbooks, which may lead to imprecise, heavy-handed actions.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Analyst streamlines threat investigation by continuously assessing security threats, identifying top priorities, and synthesizing attack context into natural language reports. This reduces time-to-understanding and time-to-response, enabling security teams to focus their expertise where it’s most needed.

Darktrace PREVENT empowers CISOs and security teams to transition from reactive to proactive security measures, prioritizing threats, optimizing defenses, and reducing overall cyber risk.