Smart. Confident. Assured. Ticwatch. 

We are pleased to be the sole distributors for Ticwatch by Mobvoi! Which is powered by artificial intelligence, which uses an android operating system, designed by Google smartwatches.

The main features include, calling, sms, emails and listening to music. The watch uses technology that has integrated in house sports & health algorithms, including automatic activity recognition, sleep analysis, swimming monitoring, gesture recognition and personal trainers.

The Ticwatch series is in the top 4 global sales volumes in the smartwatch segment and is present in over 30 countries/ regions, mainly focused on developed countries. The ticwatch smartwatch line is bestseller on Amazon UK, Amazon JP and Amazon US. Main investors of Mobvoi include Google and Volkswagen, who have worked on the operating system (google) and have the aim of applying Mobvoi’s AI technology into the automotive industry (Volkswagen). The watches also come with Ticpods (wireless earbuds) which connect to the watch and can be used to receive calls or listen to music. A mini speakers series called TicKasa is also separately available for purchase which can be integrated.

In stock we have all models:

  • TicWatch Pro (Double the possibilities).
  • TicWatch S2 (Ultimate Fitness Companion).
  • TicWatch E2 (Designed to Move you).
  • TicWatch C2 (When Form Meets Function).
  • TicWatch S & E (Do More Less) 

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