Gamers know how much fun it is to immerse themselves in the PlayStation 5 universe. Even these state-of-the-art systems, though, can occasionally have problems that could ruin your gaming experience. This is where Atom I.T. Repairs comes in; they are dedicated to providing practical and reasonably priced fixes for any issues you may have with your PS5.

Below is a summary of the typical issues that we handle with expertise when it comes to PS5 repairs:

Overheating Consoles:

The performance of your PS5 can be greatly impacted by overheating. Whether a more thorough inspection is necessary because of the heat dissipation architecture or a simple cleaning job to get rid of accumulated dust, our knowledgeable technicians guarantee expert handling catered to the particular requirements of the PS5.


Crashes & Freezing:

Console software repairs are frequently necessary in cases of unexpected crashes or freezing that occur during gameplay or standby mode. Our experts quickly identify and fix software problems to restore your PS5’s smooth operation.


Issues with Network Connectivity:

Having trouble logging into the PlayStation Network or having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi? Our professionals thoroughly evaluate how your console responds to PSN and wireless networks, fixing any issues that may be preventing network connectivity.


Screen Display Challenges:

Software- or hardware-related issues, such as firmware or Video Transfer Rate (VTR), may be the cause of display glitches. Our expert staff carefully investigates these problems in order to get your display operating at peak efficiency.


Hard Drive Problems:

Our technicians skillfully handle PS5 hard drive problems, guaranteeing smooth data handling and operational stability. These problems range from data transfer difficulties to software glitches like file corruption.


Power-Related Issues:

Careful hardware and software testing is necessary to address problems with turning on, staying on, or freezing during gameplay. Our thorough inspections find and fix these problems carefully and precisely.


Controller malfunctions:

The backbone of the gaming experience is the controller. We perform comprehensive examinations and fixes to guarantee your PS5 controller works flawlessly and frees you from interference so you can enjoy your gaming sessions.





At Newtech, we understand the value of your gaming console and the importance of a hassle-free gaming experience. Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to providing practical, efficient, and tailored solutions for your PlayStation 5.

Contact us today to restore your PS5 to its peak performance!