Razer Enki

The Razer Enki Gaming Chair offers all-day gaming comfort with features like an integrated lumbar arch, optimized cushion density, dual-texture eco-friendly PU leather, reactive seat tilt, and a 152-degree recline. This chair is perfect for long-time PC users, whether for gaming or office use.

Designed for extended usage, it features 110-degree shoulder arches and a wide 21.3-inch seat base, ensuring optimal weight distribution for lasting comfort during gaming marathons. The integrated lumbar arch reduces fatigue over extended periods by gently supporting the lower back and promoting a neutral sitting position.

It boasts optimized cushion density, providing unmatched comfort with a softer seat base for a cozy feel and a firmer seat back for robust support. The eco-friendly dual-texture faux fur combines plush, textured fabric in central areas for refined comfort, while soft leather on the outer edges withstands daily wear and tear better.

With a responsive seat tilt and 152-degree recline, users can effortlessly lean back and adjust the recline to their preference. The 4D armrests allow for height adjustment and forward or backward movement, adapting to individual sitting positions.

Additionally, a premium memory foam head cushion is included, molding to the shape of the head and neck to provide comfortable support to these key areas.