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The Introduction of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices and Smartwatch Readers in Malta for children with Diabetes.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, 10.1% of all 20-79 year olds in Malta suffer from Diabetes. This places Malta in the first quartile within the European region. In recent times we have also seen a spike in the incidence of children who have Diabetes. We are seeing an increase of around 25 patients per year as the official statistics from the office of the deputy prime minister state.

The Government recently launched a programme whereby wearable glucose monitors have been handed out to all children with type 1 diabetes.

Wearable glucose monitors will be handed out to all children under 16 with type 1 diabetes, Health Minister Chris Fearne has announced. The device, which can be worn on the stomach, arm or back, will helps around 160 children manage their condition by monitoring glucose levels and transmitting data to an app which can be read on their phone or through a smartwatch.

Introducing Ticwatch for Diabetes Campaign

No more invasive and painful finger-pricks to get your glucose readings. There are new, easier and more accurate ways to assess and manage blood sugar levels.

Using a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device while connected to a smartwatch informs you of your glucose readings at a glance, right on the wrist. Small yet cutting-edge sensors placed on the surface of the skin continuously monitor blood sugar levels and send the readings from the CGM to the accompanying smartwatch app via Bluetooth connection.

We are keen to offer this feature for children with Diabetes and currently in stock we have the Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS and Ticwatch C2 Plus. Data sheets for these products can be downloaded below.

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