Laptop & Desktop Market Continues to Show Growth in 2020.

  • Laptop and Desktop computers are an essential part of life which continue to show market growth, year on year. According to, the PC market in Europe continues to perform well, the total computing market shows a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.6%, reaching 105.2 billion Dollars in 2020, whilst the laptop and tablet market is expected to do even better, at a CAGR of 0.9%. Despite overall growth for PC’s in general, laptops seem to be outperforming desktops, the European desktop segment presents a slower rate of growth overall. The number of laptops or notebooks sold in Germany and Italy suggests a higher interest among consumers for notebooks and other portable devices.


  • According to our partners Lenovo, their latest 2019 annual report in the PC and Smart Device (PCSD) Business showed that the market share gains in high-growth and premium segments, were an important driver for revenue growth and better profitability. PCSD enjoyed double digit revenue and shipment growth across the workstation, thin and light, visual and Gaming PC segments.


  • According to the International Data Corporation (DCI) in the last quarter of 2019 Nearly 1 of every 4 PCs shipped during the quarter were from Lenovo or one of its subsidiaries as the company once again managed to hold the top position in the market. The company’s strong push in EMEA and Japan, along with a notable commercial presence, helped cement it as the leader during the quarter.


  • Acer Group rounded out the top 5. The shortage of Intel processors impacted the company although it still continues to be one of the stronger players in the gaming and Chromebook segments.



  • Slate tablets are set to continue their downward trajectory as their lifecycles extend as companies shift their product portfolio towards detachable tablets and laptops, which has shown great success for the likes of Lenovo and Acer.


The Gaming PC segment is definitely one to watch out for this decade, with companies shifting towards a growing industry and sport, in E sports.

At Newtech, we represent this growing segment for PCs with Lenovo, Acer and Razer, the leading gaming brand for peripherals. At Newtech we are also very pleased to announce a contract with MSI Gaming Laptops, the first in Malta and the company will also be offering their entire latest product portfolio, technologies and gaming laptops range throughout 2020 including the flagship models, with the stock set to arrive in January. For years, MSI has devoted countless resources in R&D to both product and production. The goal is to create new innovative features, push for extreme performance, and maintain stability.

Business laptops have also made the shift to become durable and flexible, that can convert into tablets and use state of the art touch screen technology, which is part of the fantastic success shared by Lenovo and Acer.

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