HBG Gaming

Business Background

HBG Gaming is a leading gaming company, providing a host of games to Italian consumers including traditional slot machines, video lotteries, bingo, betting and importantly online games – poker, casino and skill games. The company works closely with the Italian government to ensure the safe management of a large customer base with a combined 4,800 VLTs and 36,000 slot machines in 2015.


By leveraging innovative machine learning, Darktrace’s solution puts businesses like ours ahead in this new age of harmful threats.

Marcello David, Head of IT Security & Compliance


As broadband services expand and Internet gaming diversifies across smartphones, tablets and other devices, the industry is increasingly exposed to sophisticated cyber attacks. Securing customers’ personal and financial details is vital for HBG Gaming to provide a reliable gaming service and maintain it’s position as a trusted brand.

Criminals are continually innovating new ways to execute internal and external attacks, adopting increasingly intelligent technologies to breach networks. To better defend against this next-generation risk and identify emerging threats early, HBG Gaming requires in-depth visibility of its digital infrastructure. The company possesses a number of standard border securities including anti-virus software, web gateways and event management tools, but has found none of them provide adequate analytics and are often complex and time-consuming to install.


HBG Gaming chose Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System in order to understand its network’s ‘pattern of life’ and identify abnormal behaviors, before they cause business damage. The company decided to deploy a ‘Proof of Value’ over a four-week period to test how Darktrace’s unique self-learning technology could alert its security team to real, emerging threats already in its network. Powered by machine learning and mathematics, Darktrace has the capability to monitor the behaviours of every network, device, and user to detect even the subtlest anomaly. Unlike traditional defenses that rely on rules and signatures to recognise attacks, Darktrace models a network’s ‘pattern of life’ and is able to distinguish suspicious behaviors that deviate from the norm. Thus, in this new era of pernicious attacks, Darktrace equips HBG Gaming with an advanced solution able to detect unfamiliar threats that would otherwise go unnoticed by legacy systems.



Within weeks Darktrace could identify suspicious behavior in HBG Gaming’s network, like ransomware, with potentially serious implications. The Enterprise Immune System alerts the business’ security team early, allowing them to take
action and mitigate risk before it becomes a serious issue. The immune system approach is now fundamental to HBG Gaming’s cyber security strategy. Darktrace only flags the genuinely suspicious events rather than bombarding security personnel with false positives, allowing HBG Gaming’s teams to prioritize and optimize its resources more effectively. Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer provides a 3D display of all network activity in real time. This intuitive interface enables nontechnical senior executives – the most vulnerable to attacks –
to gain meaningful insight into their network behaviours and implement stronger defenses across the company. “By leveraging innovative machine learning, Darktrace’s solution puts businesses like ours ahead in this new age of harmful threats.”

“Darktrace enhances our cyber security strategy beyond protecting our company borders, and has already detected potentially damaging threats inside our networks,” said

Marcello David, Head of IT Security & Compliance, HBG Gaming.