Darktrace Prevent

Hardens security Proactively

Identifies and prioritizes risks

Emulates attacks to test vulnerabilities

Helps organizations meet NIST and other regulations

The importance of hardening your defenses

Attackers today are using more automation, targeting supply chains and shadow IT, and leveraging new techniques in their attack campaigns. Security approaches and operations need to evolve to manage cyber risks to prevent downtime. It’s also a matter of efficiency: many organizations are expanding their use of infrequent, manual expert testing to try to identify vulnerabilities that require yet more manual effort from IT teams to patch systems.

While there are point products that aim to address different aspects of the problem, most are siloed and single point-in-time. And in the case of pentests, most become tick-box exercises for companies to stay in compliance – but do not support effective action. Security teams can be left with a mountain of vulnerability
information to work through, much of it irrelevant to the security risks executives care about.

Introducing darktrace prevent

Darktrace PREVENT is an interconnected set of AI products that deliver proactive cyber security to help organizations pre-empt future cyber-attacks. The product family empowers the CISO and security staff to become an AI-powered Red Team, simulating attacks, identifying critical assets, and testing pathways of vulnerability, then shoring up defenses to prevent attackers from reaching vital systems and data.

Darktrace PREVENT / Attack Surface Management™

Darktrace PREVENT/ASM gives you unparalleled visibility into the parts of your organization that are exposed to the outside world – allowing your security team to proactively identify risks before an attack takes place. The solution continuously monitors the external attack surface, assessing all your assets for risks, high-impact
vulnerabilities, and external threats.

PREVENT/ASM is used by businesses to reveal shadow IT, supply chain risks, potential phishing domains, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and risks arising from mergers and acquisitions. PREVENT/ASM also communicates its findings to Darktrace DETECT + RESPOND, which in turn heighten sensitivity around critical chokepoints.

Darktrace PREVENT / End-to-End™

Attack Path Modeling

Maps the most relevant and impactful attack paths through your organization in real time.

Pentest Augmentation

Tests all potential attack pathways around the clock.

Breach & Attack Emulation

Deploys harmless “attacks” that emulate malware, phishing, spoofing, and other common threats.

Security & Awerness Training

Identifies users who are exposed or vulnerable to phishing, allowing IT teams to tailor training based on real-world data.

Cyber Risk Prioritization

Continuously updates its findings to show you which areas of focus would reduce risk to the greatest extent.

Darktrace Solutions Feed Back into the Cyber AI Loop™

Darktrace PREVENT forms part of Darktrace’s Cyber AI Loop, which orchestrates a set of dynamically related cyberthreat capabilities. Combined with Darktrace DETECT™ + RESPOND™, Darktrace PREVENT autonomously implements countermeasures to harden your defenses around critical vulnerabilities and attack paths.