While AI can be leveraged for cyber defense, it also presents new opportunities for cyber-attackers to operate at greater scale and to perpetrate more targeted attacks.

For instance, malicious software on your laptop might use AI to learn the way you communicate with different people on a daily basis, replicating your personalized communication styles and leveraging contextual information to trick recipients into opening a malicious attachment or link.

AI techniques might also  be used to power advanced surveillance attacks with nefarious forms of speech-to-text processing. Imagine an attacker hacking into the connected smart TVs and video conferencing units installed in meeting rooms across your organization. By activating the microphones and streaming the audio in every meeting, an AI-driven translation and transcription service could produce transcripts of confidential discussions and immediately flag sensitive topics of interest to the hacker, such as the details of an upcoming legal trial or a confidential business merger.

As advances in AI continue to provide attackers with the opportunity to enhance the speed, scale, and automation of cyber-attacks, the war of algorithm is being fought within corporate networks around the world.

Due to this, we are now offering Darktrace as a cyber service which utilizes AI to protect against your whole network. Please contact us for free demo and for further information.

More information is available here – https://newtech.mt/darktrace/