Futurist Bernard Marr recently boldly claimed on the Business Leader Podcast that ‘every single company on the planet will be an AI one in the future’. It’s hard to know for sure if that will be the case, but it is certainly true that artificial intelligence is being used by more and more businesses to try to give them a cutting edge when it comes to productivity and output. In this article, we explore how companies are utilizing this technology and what real-world impact it is having.


The most frequent assumption made when discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning is that these technologies will eventually replace occupations and in some way undermine humankind.

While the technique is intriguing, according to Darktrace’s VP of Technology, its effects are a little less catastrophic.

Darktrace uses AI to identify cyber security issues and was one of the early adopters in their industry. According to Andrew, “We employ AI to help our clients traverse the threat intelligence landscape.” This can take the form of quickly identifying ransomware threats or more complex situations requiring more nuance.


“For instance, one of Darktrace customers was the victim of a cyberattack that originated in China in 2020. However, thanks to AI, the technology was able to recognize the threat two weeks before it actually materialized. Instead of displacing employment, this will help keep them and speed up problem-solving. Jobs are evolving thanks to AI, not being replaced.

It was also said , “We leverage chatbot and speech bot technology to help our customers solve problems without needing to speak to a human.” In order to better understand clients and the reasons behind their calls, it was also employed an AI to access the vast amounts of data that are stored in data centers.

Overall, this means that encounters are handled more quickly and more effectively. Jobs aren’t being replaced; rather, they are adjusting to the increasingly complicated calls and the more sophisticated roles and skill sets that are needed.



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How is artificial intelligence helping businesses to scale?